The Europe 2020 goals for a more inclusive Europe with higher social integration and cohesion are of high priority today. The increasing societal tension, linked to the economic crisis, immigration and increasing multi-ethnicity, cuts in public services etc. are issues widely faced across Europe.

It is evident that new strategies are required to empower newcomers as agents of change in their own lives and in the Communities, they live in. Two key strategies that are emerging as powerful education/integration tools are 1) community mediation and 2) active inclusion which means enabling every citizen, notably the most disadvantaged, to fully participate in society.

MCM recognises that educating migrants and refugees in community mediation can play a substantial and positive role in changing social dynamics. Our Migrant and refugee mediators can come from any walk of life but will be trained to act as grassroots brokers and leaders, rather than politicians. Our Migrant Community Mediators will be educated and empowered to provide their communities with a voice and through peer-to-peer mediation and education with their fellow migrants foster inclusion, diversity, equality and intercultural understanding in their new societies.