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Festivals will act as social innovation incubators that empower young people to realize their potential to change society and will inspire them to tackle social issues in innovative ways beyond the scope of the event itself. FUSION enables festivals and youth organizations to collaborate and unlock their potential for social innovation by providing them with

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Wrapping up ONE

We started the ONE project as seven individual project partners with one common aim. Now after two years of working closely together, teasing out the project aims, creating an Environmental Policy the ONE Business Case, preparing a ONE Guide and developing a ONE Virtual Toolkit, we are truly ONE team. ONE has successfully increased its

MCM Project  The Europe 2020 goals for a more inclusive Europe with higher social integration and cohesion are of high priority today. The increasing societal tension, linked to the economic crisis, immigration and increasing multi-ethnicity, cuts in public services etc. are issues widely faced across Europe. It is evident that new strategies are required to empower

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Pop Culture Tourism  Today, many up-and-coming tourism destinations are experiencing rapid growth directly because of their links to popular culture: television, film and music. OUTPACE will harness the power of film induced tourism and popular culture to develop a new highly innovative pedagogy to support the acquisition of transferable, entrepreneurial and digital skills. It will provide HE

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Data Set Micro and SMEs, which make up 99% of businesses, still lag behind in digital technologies. If the economy is to flourish, micro and SMEs, must develop data skills or risk being uncompetitive. The benefits are clear: businesses responding to smart data can improve products and services, thus generating economic growth while contributing to social

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Promise Project  aims to facilitate the optimal integration of refugees and migrants into their host communities so that both the host and the migrant can flourish in their new situation. Education providers are gearing up their programmes, and face the problem of determining what services to prioritise, how to ensure they are delivered in an effective

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Visual Literacy for Engineering Education (VLEE)  Visual Literacy for Engineering Education (VLEE) is based on the recognition that visual thinking and related skills are a key area of competence for today’s engineers across all engineering disciplines because of the relationship between spatial reasoning and graphic representation to problem solving and creativity. It recognises that the possibilities for developing these competences

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