Visual Literacy for Engineering Education (VLEE) is based on the recognition that visual thinking and related skills are a key area of competence for today’s engineers across all engineering disciplines because of the relationship between spatial reasoning and graphic representation to problem solving and creativity. It recognises that the possibilities for developing these competences have grown exponentially thanks to the proliferation of digital technology.

This is especially evident in visual literacy: today’s students are expert consumers of global visual media messages, but as EU work on digital media literacy reveals, often lack the skills necessary to move beyond being passive receivers of this information.

VLEE will help remedy this situation by pursuing the provision of visual literacy for engineering training in our VET systems. This project will enable engineering students to adopt a more proactive and strategic use of digital visual technology in their learning (and future practice) of engineering by teaching them how to think, reason, interpret and communicate visually through media such as mind maps, infographics, technical sketching, 3D imaging, and vlogging.